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We sell KILOWARE (stamps on paper), PACKETS and, of course, individual stamps and sets from around the world. Everything is sent fully insured at no risk to yourself.
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KILOWARE (stamps on paper)
Stamps on paper.

If there is nothing listed under a heading it is because all items for that country are currently out of stock.Our kiloware tends to sell very quickly and is often very difficult to source so we are often out of stock of some lines!
KILOWARE (stamps on paper) Sub categories
World kiloware
World kiloware

An excellent unpicked ALL WORLD mix that can contain anything! Lots of excellent finds reported.

Asia kiloware
Asia kiloware

General Asia kiloware - for individual countries please see separate headings

Scandinavia kiloware
Scandinavia kiloware

Regional kiloware - for individual countries please see under separate headings.

KILOWARE (stamps on paper) items
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