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We sell KILOWARE (stamps on paper), PACKETS and, of course, individual stamps and sets from around the world. Everything is sent fully insured at no risk to yourself.
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GB 9kg Genuine Unpicked Reserve Kiloware

GB 9kg Genuine Unpicked Reserve Kiloware
GB 9kg Genuine Unpicked Reserve Kiloware

Sample sack full.

The real thing! Genuine unpicked and unsorted GB kiloware (with some foreign) DIRECT from various charities received in the last few weeks. There can sometimes be quite a lot of foreign in these are they are not separated or sorted at source.


Sorry, no returns on these for obvious reasons!

I have been supplying collectors and dealers with genuine unpicked kiloware for five years now. Thousands sold. Becoming very scarce these days though I am doing my best to increase supplies!

This is EXACTLY as received from the charity or charities. It often includes sealed packs that have come in direct to us from charity doners. It normally contains up to date issues as well as older material, plenty of unfranked (and even gummed), foreign stamps etc etc.

SORRY - UK ONLY ON THESE - sent by courier.

New - 20.4.2021 - I am able to offer these again to overseas customers with carriage being charged at the actual cost. However courier charges are dynamic and vary by country so please EMAIL FIRST so I can quote an inclusive price, do not order through the website! Some prices are surprisingly low and much cheaper than Royal Mail! I can also offer this service on smaller amounts in units of 1kg.

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