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We sell KILOWARE (stamps on paper), PACKETS and, of course, individual stamps and sets from around the world. Everything is sent fully insured at no risk to yourself.
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Updated 30.8.2016

I buy the following -

Unpicked kiloware, particularly the World unpicked from my GB lots (paying £19 per kilo!)

GB COMMEMORATIVE KILOWARE. Paying £26 per kilo for - good quality GB commemorative ONLY kiloware. NO Christmas stamps and a good range including very recent (last two years) issues are required to get this price. MUST be totally unpicked and should include at least some high values.

ALL kiloware must be recent, unpicked and on small paper - poor grade material will always be rejected!

GB FINE used, light CDS postmark, high value commems, complete sets, miniature sheets are always wanted, particularly those used on the boxes I send to you. I pay 40% face value for cheque/Paypal payment or 50% face for exchange.

ALWAYS WANTED - modern (last few years) stamps, fine used from ALL countries.

I also buy new issue lots - complete sets only - all countries wanted! They don't have to be recent - but from new issue sendings ...

Single stamps - ANYTHING not listed on this website is wanted. For stamps catalogued under £2 I only buy in 10s. Each lot of ten of the same need to be in a glassine with the SG no and catalogue value (per stamp) written on the envelope. THESE STAMPS MUST BE 'A' GRADE QUALITY - NO CREASES, TEARS, SHORT PERFS OR HEAVY POSTMARKS. I pay 10% of catalogue value for these. Not required - damaged stamps, quantities under or over 10, stamps already listed.

Stamps catalogued over £2 I will buy singly but again these must be stamps not currently listed. Again I pay 10% catalogue for used or mounted mint, 15% for superb used or unmounted mint. Condition as for tens.

Please note we don't take and can't quote for mixed lots containing the above. All items need to be identified and a catalogue price shown, and sent in glassines for each individual type of stamp.

GOOD STAMP COLLECTIONS are also wanted, particularly popular and unusual country collections etc. No GB FDCs or Presentation packs wanted!

UNUSUAL stamp packets are also most welcome, but please contact me first with your proposal. There are minimum sizes acceptable! We particularly require countries/themes not currently listed. Please be creative and bear in mind that we can easily obtain most packets through existing wholesale suppliers. We particularly need packets from new countries in Europe and elsewhere, also the more unusual themes not listed.

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