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We sell KILOWARE (stamps on paper), PACKETS and, of course, individual stamps and sets from around the world. Everything is sent fully insured at no risk to yourself.
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  Currently listing - Great Britain stamps.       

Welcome to S&D Collectables. Our aim is to eventually be able to supply just about any stamp, coin or postcard you need! Please help us to build this website by letting us know which areas, themes etc you collect. You can do this by emailing

We supply anywhere in the world. 

We sell KILOWARE (stamps on paper), PACKETS and, of course, individual stamps and sets from around the world. We are also (slowly!) adding coins and postcards.

I now have a working stock of GB 9kg unpicked kiloware in stock which will normally be sent by courier the day after your order is received (Sunday to Thursday). I AM ONLY LISTING WHAT I PHYSICALLY HAVE HERE SO IF YOU NEED GB KILOWARE PLEASE ORDER ASAP!

FREE POSTAGE - our local post office changed hands recently and almost immediately got rid of their classic canceller which has reduced the quality of their cancelling. I think they may also have not bothered cancelling smaller packages. I've taken the decision to offer FREE POSTAGE instead, as most orders are quite a low weight and postage isn't a huge part of the servicing cost. I can't guarantee to always use top quality stamps, but will always use REAL stamps! This will also allow me to use my (walkable) local post office which will mean I can offer a faster turn around on orders. There will be a flat rate 50p charge on all orders to cover packing and insurance. NO minimum order.

My Delcampe store is here.

I have recently found a fantastic new source for GB kiloware. Clean, much recent and recently donated and includes some really nice non-GB (usually around 5%-10% but can sometimes be a lot higher as the charity does not sort the mix!). Plenty of unpostmarked, completely unpicked. And best of all I can offer at just £330 for 9kg, a reduction of £35 on my previous price. Good regular supplies available. When available they will be listed here. (2 x 9kg currently available)


I am now getting a regular flow of 1kg GB lots which I shall be selling on here to my hundreds of regular customers. These have been selling for between £60 and £80 on eBay, but my website price will be just £40.00. All completely unpicked of course as always, and will include bits and pieces from over 80 charities, many coming in direct from individual donors. When available they will be listed here. (5 x 1kg currently availableI recommend that if you need GB you buy ASAP when supplies are quite tight as they tend to sell VERY quickly! 


If you can't live without kiloware and aren't having a lot of luck winning my GB material I do have a regular (but increasingly difficult to find) supply of all world kiloware. This is a very nice unpicked mix including a good deal of unusual material including older and scarcer. 500g and 1kg lots only, many mixes include material sent in by individual donors from the 70+ charities now on my books. Super value at just £55.00 per kilo or £30.00 per 500g. Unpicked and unsorted with loads of finds. I do of course BUY world (and GB) stamps and sets so you can keep the stamps you need and sell the rest to me! Direct link here. (38 x 1kg currently available).

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